Sorry, we’re not accepting new members at this time or providing in-person tours.

Coworking space for individuals, remote teams
and small businesses

Imagine a place in the neighborhood that you can pop in and get some work done in peace — at any time of day. Tackle your work, build your business and more at our award-winning space. ROOM is professionally managed by fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Chicago has no shortage of splashy coworking spaces. But is all that hustle and bustle worth it to sit at a desk on a cramped floor in the Loop? Shorten your commute, pad your wallet and get to work in the heart of the Northside with us.


Ditch the couch and
coffeeshop routine

Whether you need:

— a flexible space to work a few days each month

— a dedicated desk to call your own

— a semi-private space for your small team to share

— a fully-furnished, private office for your small business

— the full monty for a company event or offsite

We’ve got you covered in an environment proven to return results.

Look – we get it. Every coworking space tries to force networking and events down your throat. In fact, they build it into the price of your “membership.”

But sometimes, you need some breathing room to get your work done. That’s our promise to you.

room chicago coworking space
room chicago coworking shared office space



Everybody knows the key to getting any work done is a full pot of coffee and folding into the nook of your choosing. As a modern open office, you can sit and work at any of our ergonomic desks or couches. Included:

— Outlets and power strips for all your devices
— Elbow room for your strong cup of java
— Big windows with plenty of natural sunlight
— A private phone booth to take phone calls and have meetings

Here’s what is not included:

— No long communal tables with backless stools here. They suck and we know it.
— Extroverts welcome, and coworking is no library setting, but we’ll skip the loud background music and social scene where you can’t hear yourself think, much less get your work done.


Social Distancing

We’ve kept ROOM small on purpose. Even before the COVID-19 state of things, we didn’t have people coming in-and-out of our space and we prioritized comfort, cleanliness and limited capacity over filling every last inch. People before profit, as we like to say.

We have recently transformed our entire space to meet recommended physical distancing measures, including 6-feet+ separation between desks, added dividers, rerouted foot traffic and new entry checklist. We’ve also temporarily paused day pass visitors and meeting room rentals. Overall, we’ve greatly limited our capacity to keep our members and employees healthy.

Check out the Semi-Private and Private Office options below for a look at custom space configurations.


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Private Office

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24/7 Access

You get a key to the building. That means, fellow night owls,  no getting locked out by early birds who just can’t relate.

Super Fast Internet

We know how important fast, reliable and reliably fast WiFi is to getting stuff done.
Ours clocks in at 300+ Mbps.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Coffee, Tea, Beverages, Assorted Snacks, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Fridge, and Dishwasher.

Mail Service

Forgot a PO Box. Send your mail to a real street address. Keyed entry to mailbox and we’ll sign for packages when you’re not around.

Phone Booth

Get some privacy with a soundproof phone booth and closed door for your private conversations and video calls.

Event Space

We like to have fun. 2000 sq ft of ROOM put to good use with lunch-and-learns,
happy hours and special events.

“We lucked into discovering Room to Grow when we were a 2 person startup looking for a co-working space outside of the Loop. [They] were very flexible and accommodating and took care of everything from furnishings to snacks and drinks. Over the course of a year we grew significantly and, true to its name, Room to Grow gave us the space and flexibility we needed to handle that growth without a hitch. The office has a modern, open feel and is close to both the Brown and Red lines. [We] strongly recommend Room to Grow if you’re looking for a turnkey work space on the north side.”